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Global Commons Trust (proposal for funding)

Praxorium is developing a proposal for philanthropic funding of a project to create and roll out a new, opt-in global commons governance structure – tentatively dubbed a “Global Commons Trust” (GCT).

The GCT’s overarching purpose would be to establish and maintain stewardship systems for bringing aggregate human activity on our living planet back within ecologically sustainable limits, whilst fairly distributing the gifts of our shared heritage to all human beneficiaries of the GCT, regardless of their nation, caste or creed.

Because we’re starting with a highly financialised global infrastructure, the GCT stewardship system’s primary leverage point would be pricing of rents and fees on privatised use of Commons. Such rents and fees would be:

  1. priced at the levels required to inhibit demand to match sustainable supply as quickly as possible without collapsing social and economic systems;
  2. collected as close as possible to the point of extraction (or imposition of externalities such as pollution), leaving the market to adjust downstream to the higher cost of inputs to production; and
  3. mostly distributed as direct dividends to beneficiaries for the relevant Commons, with some kept in reserve for administering the GCT and funding other ecosystem stewardship projects such as reforestation and soil regeneration.

Assistance with the proposal in any of the following areas would be warmly welcomed: economic research and analysis, writing, graphic design and layout, multimedia, technology architecture. Or, if there’s something else you think would help the proposal, please let us know!



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